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Planning a vacation? Need a break from your busy schedule? Zen Vacations is ready to provide the individual attention necessary for your memorable and one-of-a-kind vacation. We work hard to compare prices, discover discounts, and analyze supplier services so that clients can save valuable time and eliminate travel planning headaches.

Zen Vacations is owned and operated by an independent travel professional. Our objective is to provide travel arrangements for clients who enjoy the convenience and savings only a professional can offer.

Let Zen make your next vacation a breeze. Browse our links for ideas for your next vacation!

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If you prefer to make your reservation online, click here for the best rate offered by reputable suppliers. We provide assistance with all the bookings that you have made on our website.

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Fijian ResortLatest Trips Booked by Zen Vacations
Hawaii Islands
Cruises to North America, Asia, Europe
Club Med All Inclusive Resorts
Business Travels
International Flights
Denali National Park Kayak and Glacier hike
Las Vegas class reunion
New York and Niagara Falls
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Banff and Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
Aruba and San Juan, Puerto Rico
Hong Kong and China

Zen Vacations is a member of reputable travel consortiums, including 
CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), and ARC-VTC (Airlines Reporting Corpration-Verified Travel Consultant) — these are recognized travel industry associations. With our close relationship to suppliers and many other contacts, Zen Vacations can offer the best service for our travelers.



"Hi Zenobia,
We're back from Asia and wanted to thank you again for all the help with planning our trip! The hotels were very clean and in a great location, and we loved the seats that you had booked on the flights for us. The itinerary was so nicely organized and easy to follow; you really made things easy for us! We truly appreciate all the help you've been.Thanks again!"
- Alain and Jessica (May, 2014)

"Thank you once again for helping us to have our family dream tour come true".
-Michael (July, 2013)

"Thanks for taking care of booking everything! You are always very helpful and make life easier for me. :)"
- Henry C (June, 2012)

“Hi Zen,
We just want to say thank you for all your help and quick response for our cruise trip. The weather was perfect, the food and music was good, it is hard to go back to work after such a relaxing holiday. The ship was small but I liked it because I did not spend too much time to explore it. Looking forward to our Alaska trip in the summer.
Thanks again.”
- Grace (January, 2012)
"Just Great!  Zenobia is always great to work with!"
- Anna K (June, 2011)

"I like how Zenobia was patient and made sure everything was right for us."

- Joseph N. (October, 2010)

"Dear Zenobia :
Thank you so much for the arrangement of a wonderful trip for my family flying to the USA and Canada, with such beautiful and intensive itineraries. Now I'm back home and quickly returned to the old day's routine. The first night I was dreaming only of flying, until I woke up and realized that I was already at home in my bed !

When people asked me again and again how I liked the trip to USA and Canada, I always answered : Very Good ! Because it's not just sightseeing, but I also met PEOPLE who are open-minded and full of love ! It was a very memorable experience and I hope our next trip with my whole family will last for a longer period of time.

Thanks again and All the Best !"

- Doro and family (Germany June 2010)

"Need expert help to organize your vacation trip ? Contact Zenvacations ! That's what I've been telling people since I returned from my Alaska Cruise vacations, and once again my vacation in June this year re-affirmed my appreciation for a wonderful, well-planned trip to the USA !

You have organized the 10-day vacation trip from head to toe for our group of
seven with different nationalities, age groups, cultures and needs indeed ! Some of us had their first taste of the U.S. and all of us thought time flies too quickly and want to come back for more. 

Thank you so much for your professional efforts in flights booking, car rental,
accommodation, itinerary and activities arrangement, and last but not least the FOLLOW-UP care ! 

We love you, Zenobia ! "
- Griselda and Erwin Schmidtke (Canada June 2010)
- Rosemarie and Georg Heeg (Germany June 2010)
- and families

"We love the Japan tour - Akira was very professional and so is the tour company itself. We enjoyed everything. We went to the Grand Hyatt New York Grill - top of 52 floor - AMAZING view. Absolutely all great words and no complaints."
- Cortney & Thanh (June, 2010)

"Zen Vacations went beyond duty to numerous changing for our trip. Much thanks!"
- Delma (January, 2010)

"Hello Zenobia, I hope this email finds you doing well. I wanted to take this time out to thank you for all the hard work you put into our First Family Cruise. We enjoyed ourselves and everything went pretty much smoothly. We are already looking forward to our next trip together as a family. Once again we appreciate all you did. God Bless,"

-  Nellie (January, 2010)

"I liked the itinerary.  The Alaskan outdoors is beautiful. The scenery alone was spectacular. I liked everything! I like Kayaking, zip lining, Denali, and canoeing near a glacier the most. End of season means lots of sales and personal guides."
- Karen (September, 2009)

"Top Notch, highly recommended! Great fares, close destinations and no fuss makes a fun trip. Everything was taken care of and we did nothing but relax and enjoyed."
- Anna (August, 2009)

"Dear Zen, On behalf of our Sam Yuk 59 Reunion, we would like to express our sincere THANKS on all the hard work you had done in planning and booking all the events over the past few months.  Everything in our three days trip is well organized. You had done above and beyond your responsibilities to make our reunion so smooth.

We do appreciate your professionalism and will not hesitate to recommend your services to our friends in the future."

– Sincerely, Diane & Brian (May, 2009)

"Booking a vacation through Zen Vacations is a pleasant experience. I always feel assured and happy about my travel plans and would recommend you to anyone.  Thank you very much for all your help.  I'm counting down the days until Puerto Vallarta and will let you know how it goes."
– Cathy (April, 2009)

"Zenobia, Jon and I have been telling all our friends/family members how resourceful you were, what a great communicator you are and how you negotiated with China Air on our behalf during the closure of the airport. In addition because of you, we didn’t have to spend $1800 on an airline ticket to come home!

I know many people use the Internet and don’t see the value in a travel agent and we did meet a few people during our stay in Thailand that found a way home after hours and hours of trial and error. However, none of the solutions fellow travelers found were convenient, they always involved many hours by train or bus, and in addition to the less than desirable travel conditions, it was very expensive for them to return home.

You not only saved us money in air travel but we were much better informed travelers since in Thailand, there were days we were not even able to get a local newspaper and the news on television just repeated the same information. We actually started to look forward to the day to day updates on the airport closure you would send via email.

The hotel we booked online said regardless of the closure of the airport and are inability to travel to Bangkok, they would not refund our money yet the hotel we pre-booked through you, agreed to reimburse us in full.

You went above and beyond for us and because of you, we were able to enjoy our remaining days in Thailand before returning home. I would recommend anyone planning a trip oversees that is truly looking for a vacation to use your services. Thank you so much!"

- Elisa Uribe & Jon Axelberg (December, 2008)

"We want to thank you for the good arrangement for our CA trip.  Zen Vacations smoothed our way to this great day, thank you very much for such an enjoyable weekend."
- Ivan & Humey (September, 2008)

"Hello Zenobia, we are back from the wonderful Aruba. What a wonderful and beautiful island. We enjoyed ourselves. The Tamarijn Resort was very nice. My husband loved the Oceanfront room!!!  Thanks again."
– Nellie (April, 2008)

"Thank you very much for setting this up for me. You make traveling so easy!"
– Fiona
(October, 2007)

"Thanks for the advice about going to Seattle the night before — smart move. The cruise was wonderful!  I would have got right back on and taken the cruise again, and I plan to again. We really had a great time. Thanks for making all the arrangements. I recommend the Duck Tour in Seattle, it was so much fun.”
– Connie (August, 2007)

"Zenobia, the Alaskan cruise and all accommodations were a dream come true. Thanks a million! Wow!!! You made a dream come true."

– George and Babe (August, 2007)

"The travel arrangements we made to New Zealand and Australia were perfect. We were able to do exactly what we wanted and everything was organized perfectly. Renting a car in New Zealand was easy and we're glad we did.
The tour guides on the Waitomo Caves in the north island in New Zealand were very friendly and traveling during the off season was definitely a plus. Australia was amazing. There was so much to do in Sydney alone. Thanks so much for your help. Thanks again for all your help!"
– Karen and Jason (May, 2007)

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5 Handy Travel Tips:

  1. Travel Light – Pack everything you want to bring and remove half. You'll find you won't even use half of what you bring.
  2. Electricity – Make sure to check the voltage and outlet shape at your destination and buy the right adapters and/or converters to keep that camera or curling iron charged.
  3. Money – Most ATMs abroad accept pin codes no longer than 4 digits. Find out if you have to change your pin number before you depart.
  4. Documents – Update your passport if you are heading out of the country. Some countries may require traveling visas which can take a few weeks to obtain.
  5. Things Happen – Don't let travel mishaps ruin your fun!